Stop the poisoning

On this night, I have to post this act done by the Jabatan Daer­ah! I am absolute­ly dis­gust­ed by what I just saw!


Jabatan Daer­ah (the name is on their van) just came close to 12am (24 May) and poi­soned 5 strays dogs in a com­mer­cial area in Muara dis­trict. These 5 dogs are being fed by vol­un­teers every­day and all 5 of them females, have just been ster­ilised last week! If there is no new dog being aban­doned at this area, these 5 dogs will not mul­ti­ply! This is what CAS has been try­ing hard to do, to stop the over­pop­u­la­tion, con­trol­ling unwant­ed lit­ter of puppies.

But again and again, times after times, we are always knocked down by cas­es of poi­son­ing at our feed­ing sites and every time those dogs that we ster­ilised are always poi­soned! More­over, these dogs are friend­ly and they do no harm to human beings. They did not choose to be strays, we humans made them became strays because we aban­doned them!

Again we want to empha­sise, poi­son­ing is not the way to con­trol strays over­pop­u­la­tion! All because a new restau­rant in this area just opened and want these dogs out! Come on, these dogs are here before you!

And also, mov­ing a pack is not the solu­tion either. Even if we remove this pack, new dogs will be aban­doned again so this cycle will just go on and on and on. Human beings are just push­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty to one anoth­er! The per­son who report­ed on the dogs and peo­ple involved in these acts, God is watching.

Though I have heard about poi­son­ing cas­es in Brunei all the time but tonight was the first time I per­son­al­ly wit­nessed! Though I did not see the author­i­ty throw­ing the food to the dogs, what I saw was already dogs dying and putting them in the garbage bags. I don’t know what poi­son they used or if they killed the dogs in anoth­er way, no sound no fights. What made me watched from the win­dow was just min­i­mal bark­ing from them and I saw them lying on the ground with men around some of them. The dogs seem to die with­in min­utes. One of the pic­ture if you can see was wait­ing for the dog to catch its last breath and after­which they put the dog in the bag.

We need more voic­es to stop poi­son­ing! We need more aware­ness to edu­cate pub­lic, STERILISATION IS THE KEY!


Whether you like it or not, there are strays every­where but why can’t human and strays live har­mo­nious­ly togeth­er? Why are human beings so self­ish and cruel??

It is very sad to be a stray and we humans are adding on to their misery.…Some of these peo­ple are even laugh­ing dur­ing this operation.

See these pic­tures and make your own judge­ment. The strays have no voice! We need the pub­lic to share their views and WHETHER this is how you should treat strays…

SHARE IT and hope­ful­ly non of the peo­ple in the pic­tures are any­one you know!

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Care & Actions for Strays — Post 001

If You Could Not Adopt, Please Help to Sponsor.

If You Could Not Spon­sor, Please Help to Share This Message.

Dear Sup­port­ers,

Our cas­es to help ani­mals in dis­tress are increas­ing, so are our vet bills to pay.

CAS are run­ning by a few key vol­un­teers who han­dles all the res­cue, feed­ing, bathing, tak­ing care, send­ing to clin­ics, fol­low-up check-ups, adop­tion, etc. Due to lim­it­ed resources, we regret we could not attend to every strays report­ed. We under­stand as much as everyone’s urge to help the strays, CAS think the same too. How­ev­er, we do not have space to take in strays as our adop­tion rates are also low. Our num­ber of dogs and cats in a fos­ter fam­i­ly is increas­ing. On aver­age, we housed about 80 dogs in fos­ter homes, aver­age 10 dogs in one loca­tion. As for cats, they are stay­ing in one of our volunteer’s office. On top of all this, kind­ly under­stand we are not full-time volunteers.

CAS do not remove any strays and nei­ther do we take them in. What you could do to help when you see puppies/kittens and strays, is by doing your part to give them food and water reg­u­lar­ly. If they are female, CAS could help to bring them to do ster­il­iza­tion oper­a­tion and will release them to their orig­i­nal neigh­bor­hood. If they are puppies/kittens, you may feed them till they are of age, approx­i­mate­ly till 5–6mths old, CAS will do the same, arrange the female for ster­il­iza­tion and release them. This is called Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR).

In enabling us to con­tin­ue ster­il­iz­ing the females and help­ing those need­ing med­ical treat­ment, we depend on kind-heart­ed souls like you to spon­sor the vet bills. Our March unpaid vet bills are a total­ing amount of B$894.00. April, May and June bills amount would be post­ed lat­er. Any amount of spon­sor­ship, big or small are welcome.

If you could open your heart, please email to and Sub­ject “Spon­sor­ing Vet Bills” in your email.

Our per­son-in-charge would revert to you with the details. Once your spon­sor­ship is uti­lized, we will then scan a copy of the vet bill you have spon­sored. (Apol­o­gized that we tried to post the copies of vet bills onto FB but it seems that pdf for­mat could not be posted).

This is a long, wind­ing and bumpy uphill road for CAS vol­un­teers. Nonethe­less, with your con­tin­u­ous sup­port, we know we could reached some­where close to the top of the hill.

We do apol­o­gized if there is any delay in reply­ing to your emails. We try our very best to reply to our sup­port­ers as much as we could.

Every lit­tle effort counts and we seek everyone’s Tol­er­ance, Com­pas­sion­ate and Respect to the strays in your neighborhood.

Please con­tin­ue spread­ing and cre­at­ing aware­ness “Ster­il­iza­tion is the Key to Curb Strays Over-population”.

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We walk by FAITH, not by sight.

Two Hors­es

Just up the road from my home is a field, with two hors­es in it.

From a dis­tance, each horse looks like any oth­er horse.

But if you stop your car, or are walk­ing by, you will notice

some­thing quite amazing…

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Things To Do With Plastic

Pot­pour­ri Hold­er — Cut the bot­tom from the bot­tle. Fill with pot pot­pour­ri and cov­er the open part with cur­tain lace and glue to the out­side of the bot­tle. Cov­er the raw edges of the cur­tain lace with either rib­bon or lace.

Lol­ly jar — Cut the mid­dle from the bot­tle and keep the top and bot­tom. Rejoin these (with hot glue). Glue lace or rib­bon or both to cov­er the join. Paint the lid or dec­o­rate with lace or ribbon.

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Ways to Reuse Plastic Containers

Wipe out dan­ger­ous wasps

 Those wasps have been get­ting a lit­tle too close for com­fort, threat­en­ing to bring your child’s out­ing to the park to a screech­ing halt. Take a plas­tic con­tain­er and fill it with water sweet­ened with sug­ar. Cut a hole in the lid. Wasps will be attract­ed to the water and crawl inside, trapped.

Keep ants away from pic­nic table

 You watch help­less­ly as the ants march up the pic­nic table leg, onto the table­top, and into the pic­nic meal. Here’s a fool­proof way to stop them in their tracks: Place a plas­tic con­tain­er on the bot­tom of each pic­nic table leg. Fill with water. The ants won’t be able to crawl past.

 Use as a portable lunch dish

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5 Ways To Recycle Plastic Containers

While pur­chas­ing goods in plas­tic con­tain­ers, we often neglect to start recy­cling and sav­ing our envi­ron­ment from non-biodegrad­able prod­ucts. How­ev­er, we can recy­cle plas­tic con­tain­ers pur­chased from our shop. Here you will find 5 oth­er recy­cling uses for plas­tic containers.


First, the things you need:

- Any plas­tic con­tain­ers -Glass jars with lids

- Plas­tic gum con­tain­ers -Shoe boxes

- Emp­ty toi­let paper roll -Plas­tic but­ter dishes

- Emp­ty paper tow­el roll -Plas­tic meat container


1. Look around your house to see where you could re-use a plastic/cardboard con­tain­ers. Start sav­ing plas­tic con­tain­ers that food come in and also shoe box­es, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, gift box­es. When you need to orga­nize look to the con­tain­ers you have saved. There are many uses for these con­tain­ers. Shop at home before going out to buy plas­tic containers/organizers…you will not only save money…but also save the earth.

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How To Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags

Plas­tic gro­cery bags Type 2 (high-den­si­ty poly­eth­yl­ene film — HDPE) and Type 4 (low den­si­ty or lin­ear-low den­si­ty poly­eth­yl­ene film — LDPE/LLDPE) can be recy­cled at your local super­mar­ket and oth­er loca­tions. Once the bags are recy­cled, they are made into lum­ber, trash­can lin­ers or plas­tic bags.



1. Find out if your local curb­side recy­cling pro­gram will accept plas­tic gro­cery bags.


2. Drop off plas­tic gro­cery bags Type 2 and Type 4 at your local gro­cery store, if you can­not recy­cle them through your curb­side pro­gram. Most gro­cery stores will accept plas­tic bags and have recy­cling bins inside the store.

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6 Unexpected Uses of Shipping Containers

The world’s first hotel built from recy­cled ship­ping con­tain­ers has popped-up in Uxbridge, West Lon­don. Each pre­fab­ri­cat­ed con­tain­er comes ful­ly-equipped with fix­tures, fur­ni­ture, and win­dows from a fac­to­ry in China.

The com­pa­ny, called Trav­elodge, says that con­struct­ing a hotel this way is 25% faster and 10% cheap­er than the more tra­di­tion­al con­struc­tion meth­ods. Also, con­struc­tion is much quick­er, because all that has to be done is to fit each con­tain­er togeth­er like it was a giant Lego set.

Trav­elodge plans to fol­low up with a 307-room ver­sion at Heathrow. They expect to save up to 10 mil­lion pounds (18.6 mil­lion dol­lars) a year on hotel devel­op­ment by using this new method.

Per­haps the smartest and most prac­ti­cal of all designs, ship­ping con­tain­ers make per­fect stack­able office space for this ware­house in a design by Clive Wilkin­son for a event company.The 47,000 square foot ware­house is filled with ship­ping con­tain­ers that have been trans­formed into mod­ern office spaces. The idea is cheap, sim­ple, maneu­ver­able and saved the com­pa­ny a ton of mon­ey on con­struc­tion costs, and it allowed the entire space to be more open and airy. Con­tin­ue read­ing

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