Things To Do With Plastic

Pot­pour­ri Hold­er — Cut the bot­tom from the bot­tle. Fill with pot pot­pour­ri and cov­er the open part with cur­tain lace and glue to the out­side of the bot­tle. Cov­er the raw edges of the cur­tain lace with either rib­bon or lace.

Lol­ly jar — Cut the mid­dle from the bot­tle and keep the top and bot­tom. Rejoin these (with hot glue). Glue lace or rib­bon or both to cov­er the join. Paint the lid or dec­o­rate with lace or ribbon.

Plas­tic But­ter­fly — Make a sten­cil using a piece of card­board in the shape of a but­ter­fly, about 4x4inch or so. You trace

the but­ter­fly out onto the bot­tle and then you can cut it out. Down the cen­ter of the but­ter­fly you can bend it, so it has its arch­es. You then can paint/design the but­ter­fly in any colour of your choice. To stick them up, you can use putty.

Ocean in a Bot­tle — Take 1/2 bot­tle of oil, half water. Add food col­or­ing and glit­ter. It is pret­ty cool, and works well with small­er bot­tles for babies to play with.

Sub­sti­tute Fun­nel — Cut off the bot­tom of the plas­tic bot­tle. Turn the bot­tle upside down and voila a handy fun­nel to use for putting oil in your car, or fill­ing jugs, etc.

Sub­sti­tute for Sand Bags — Put the sand in liter bot­tles and dur­ing bad weath­er they can be used to pro­vide bank rein­force­ment on any vul­ner­a­ble out­door areas.

Small things hold­er — Cut the top off liter bot­tles so they stand 6–8 inch­es tall. With a small screw and wash­er, screw them to a 1x4” board. Screw that board onto the wall in your work­shop to hold a wide vari­ety of tools.

Slalom Course — Fill up par­tial­ly with sand, and make a slalom course for your bikes, skate­board or skates.

Wind Socks — Cut top and bot­tom off liter bot­tle to have a per­fect cylin­der. Punch 4 holes (with a hole punch) spaced even­ly on top. Tie a 12 inch piece of fish­ing line to each hole. Attach all four to a large swiv­el snap used in fish­ing. Sand the bot­tle and paint with paints any design you wish. When dry, punch holes every inch around the bot­tom. Tie a 3 foot piece of rib­bon in each hole. Vary your col­ors or make them all the same. Hang up and enjoy.

Yarn Hold­er — Keep yarn from get­ting tan­gled when knit­ting or cro­chet­ing. Cut off bot­tom of bot­tle and insert yarn, pulling strand through top open­ing then tape bot­tom back on. This will keep your yarn from rolling across the room on you and your cat from play­ing with it.

Plant / Seed starter — Cut off bot­tom fill with soil, add seed and water. Reat­tach the top of the bot­tle (with the cap on) using tape. Keep in a warm place and wait for seeds to ger­mi­nate. When your seedlings are tall enough, trans­plant in a larg­er pot or in your garden.

Dec­o­ra­tive Con­tain­ers — Cut off the tops of two bot­tles (keep the bot­toms). Paint, decoupage, or cov­er with fab­ric. Make a hinge out of rib­bon or make a small holes and wire the bot­toms of two bot­tles togeth­er. This will give you a con­tain­er that will open. For a han­dle, glue on a bead, but­ton, or a piece of rib­bon. Fill will small gifts, jew­el­ry, can­dy, etc.

Make a Bank — Paint or cov­er with fab­ric. Cut a small slit in the top so you can drop the coins in. (You’ll have to cut the bot­tle open to remove the coins, unless you want to cut a three-sided door­way in the back or bottom.)

Make a Doorstop — Paint and fill with sand or grav­el. Glue strips of nar­row wood to the sides so it won’t roll away.

Plant Water­er — Remove the cap and the bot­tom of the bot­tle. Turn the bot­tle upside down, and set the spout into the ground or pot. Fill with water and this will allow your plants to be watered when you are going to be away for a few days.

Make plas­tic shapes — Take a clear bot­tle and draw the shape of a but­ter­fly or bird, or any small ani­mal. Cut around the shape, sand and paint with acrylic paint.

Make a Mobile — Cut out shapes (see “Make plas­tic shapes”) and poke a small hole in the top. Poke a piece of string or yarn through the hole and tie a knot. Attach the oth­er end of the string to a hang­er and hang from the ceil­ing or ceil­ing fan.

Plant Dec­o­ra­tions — Cut out shapes (see “Make plas­tic shapes”) and attach to a piece of dow­el with glue. Poke into the soil of your pot­ted plants or in the gar­den for yard decorations.

Pop Bot­tle Bird Feed­er — Sand and paint the bot­tle. Poke 4 holes in the top of the bot­tle, just below the lid. Insert two long pieces of wire — the wires will form a X. Attach the ends of the wire to a plas­tic lid by pok­ing holes in the rim and twist­ing the wire through. Poke two more holes in the bot­tom of the bot­tle, on oppo­site sides. String anoth­er piece of wire or string through these holes to hang the feed­er. Fill the bot­tle with the seed and hang it from a tree.

Make a Bird House — Turn the bot­tle on its side. Cut lit­tle windows/doors high up on the sides. Paint or cov­er the bot­tle with fab­ric. Hang from tree branch­es for birds to nest in.

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